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perfect 4th moment

Pool hair, picnic, and the pure joy of watermelon.
Toots could give lessons in it.
Addendum: Aimee at artsyville was sweet (get it)enough to feature this as part of her prompt this week, ‘flavor’, even though I had already posted it, a bit outside the rules. Thank you, aimee!

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18 thoughts on “perfect 4th moment

  1. a perfect day… lovely.

  2. thank you! hpe it's sunny and warm where you are!

  3. that is the perfect 4th moment…nothing like watermelon on a hot summer day. toots is cuter every picture i see. 🙂

  4. hmmm…a comment seems to have disappeared.thanks, kelly!!!

  5. that's perfection!

  6. thanks, aimee 🙂

  7. That is pure happiness looking right at me! And I am smiling right back! Thanks!

  8. thanks, peggy!!!

  9. Oh my! This is an amazing shot!

  10. Adorable! Look at those cheeks and those curls! This makes me smile.

  11. thank you, s.e.!

  12. This is summer…summer, happiness, peace, memory, and joy all in one. I LOVE this…

  13. thank you, natasha!

  14. Truly scrumptious! Glad you enjoyed my rhubarb – did this before I knew the weekword! I've just posted my real weekword flavour

  15. thank you, caroline!

  16. thank you, nathalie!

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