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see you on the flip side with a full report.

temp drop

Still no rain, but saw lightning in the middle of the night. Temperature is supposed to be 90 today, which is now considered relief.  Shortly after I posted yesterday’s temp, it rose to 109.

At the party I attended in the evening, one man said, “I’ve lived here for 45 years and have never seen a heat wave like this.”

The rest of the family was exhausted from their Busch trip yesterday, but they’re going back for more today.  I think they’ll have more fun today.

I need to start packing for our trip North.  Honey and Toots and I leave Wednesday to retrieve the boys.  squee!

We’re also visiting around Massachusetts and Connecticut, cramming all we can into a couple of days.

Grandma and the visiting gang are holding down the fort at home. 

weather report

Just thought I’d share the current temperature in my little Southeastern Virginia town, which is surrounded on three sides by water:

105 Farenheit.

And I’m not even discussing the heat index.

Please commence official mourning for my tomato and pepper plants.  Also for the lovely spotty dried out boxwoods I trimmed so nicely when it was only 98 degrees out last week. 

Honey and his extended family just headed out to Busch Gardens.  I honestly don’t know how all those babies and frankly the adults, are going to survive.

Tune in tomorrow for the heat stroke report.

babies are good

Thanks for bearing with yesterday’s whining. 

For your efforts, in gratitude, I present babyness, utterly plump and nibbly and too many curls between Baby G and Toots for my heart to contain. 

The cousins from Connecticut have arrived.

floor guys, day 2

It was supposed to be done in a day.  Yesterday.

We’re on Day Two, Crew Two.  Yesterday was carpet removal day for our living room/ dining room.  We ordered pizza last night.  house is in disarray, and we don’t have an eat-in kitchen, so we ate our pizza out on the over one hundred degree heat index deck.  It had cooled of a bit by evening, but still muggy as a summer day is long.

Today, the wood laminate floor is being installed.  The dog is being contained and does not like this, especially since she has to bark at the floor guys until she gets a good sniff – up close and personal like.  And with the walls stripped of paintings and the concrete slab foundation exposed, her sharp little loud bark echoes.  Owie. 

I’m also not feeling so great today.  Toots seemed to have a bit of a stomach bug the other day, but we weren’t sure it wasn’t just something she ate.  Now I can confirm it was a little bug.  With the heat and humidity and minor stomach yuck, I’m feeling blechy.

Fun, fun, fun.  Aren’t you glad I shared? 

But the floor guys assure us the job will be finished today and we should be able to almost get our house in some semblance of order by the time our cousins arrive with their nearly four year old Little M and Baby G.  I can’t wait to meet Baby G tomorrow! 


At writing group yesterday, I continued to slog my way through the paper version of my manuscript with purple pen.  Still need to smooth some edges out here and there, but generally, I’m pretty pleased with how it flows.

How’s your latest project progressing?

We’re also prepping our house for the floor guys to come, they were due tomorrow morning.  We just got a call that they’re running behind scheduled and can’t make it here until Thursday afternoon rather than morning.  They promised they’d be in and out in one day.  Friday, we need to reassemble the living room and dining room because our guests are arriving Saturday morning, after driving overnight.

Hmmm.  Can’t wait to see how this pans out. 

Toots has suddenly become very possessive as we give her a headsup about her cousins’ arrival. While she jumped on the trampoline, Grandma asked, “Are you going to jump with Little M on the trampoline?” 

Toots responded by walking to the edge of the trampoline, placing her hands on her hips and announcing to the empty yard, “M – Dis is MY twampowine!”

I told her this morning that her big cousins N and Big M were going to sleep on the guest bed.  She responded with “No, Dis is Grandma’s bed and my piwwow.  Dey sweeping in [Captain Comic]’s bed.”

I told her Little M and Baby G are sleeping in Captain Comic’s room, but N and Big M are sleeping on the guest bed.  She insisted they were not. 

Hopefully, she will be less rigid about sharing and what belongs to whom when they arrive. 

Can’t wait to see how all of this pans out. 

A walk

Please pardon the cell shot.
My ankle has not entirely healed, but it’s been nine weeks since the original owie, and I’m tired of not walking, doing yardwork, gardening, etc.  It’s a torn tendon, and takes time to heal, especially since I’m no spring chicken. 
Heck, I’m old enough to say, I’m no spring chicken.
Mr. Cynic and Captain Comic have been away for nearly three weeks now, and that means, between my ankle and the boys’ absence, Lucy has not been walked.
She has started to pee the rug and chew things again, much like when we first adopted her from the SPCA, three and a half years ago.  She chewed my aircast the other day.  I took it as a sign to stop wearing it.
I’m talking about the dog, not Toots, who is in the stroller wearing the Red Sox hat.
After a few days worth of yardwork in the well over ninety degree heat and humidity of nearly one hundred percent, I say nearly, because if it were 100%, it would be raining all weekend, which it didn’t, though it should have – horrible run on phrase within phrase, but I’m getting to it, really – I decided it was about time I took the dog and the girl for a walk. 
It is summer after all.
The ankle survived.  Sort of.
We saw a goose on the lake.
We saw lifeguards bored out of their skulls tossing a football across the pool, because it was too hot for anyone to swim, and dark thunderhead cumulous clouds were gathering.
We saw M, our 16 year old neighbor who asked when Mr. Cynic will be back, because the pool is no fun without him.  She was surprised by how much Toots had grown, since she saw her as a newborn.  I was surprised by how much M has grown.  I should have asked if she’s driving yet, but was in too much shock thinking how I met her as a tiny twelve year old.
We saw flowers and a low flying jet.
And we scooped a poop and carried it home.

aw jeez

This week entails cleaning out diningroom and livingroom furniture and walls of all breakables, etc before Thursday, because that’s when we are having the ugly old carpet removed and new flooring put in. 

Exciting, I know. 

But, when the guys are done with the floor, and move the furniture back in, supposedly all in the same day, we will have a new floor. 

Then early Saturday, couisins galore are coming to visit from Connecticut.  Buckets of baby smooshiemushies and kisses will ensue. Toots is approximately a year younger than one, and a year older than the other, and I believe the youngest outweighs ma petite fleur by half.  At least.

To say he is a chubby baby is an understatement.  I love chubby babies, but I’m not certain I’ll be able to lift this one.  I think my back may go out.  But I can’t wait to see those dimpled legs in person. 

So, manuscript awaits editing read through continuation at writing group tomorrow as I pack china and crystal away for the tumult of Thursday’s reflooring. 

And, once again, you may not being seeing too much of me this week.

Thursday’s goal is to be out of the house for the duration, if I can manage it.  What should I do with Toots while the flooring guys are here?  Hint: she’s lousy at movie theaters.

i moved the goal posts

I made a plan for the week where I had the house to myself.  I stuck to the plan to a degree, but I moved the goal posts.  Please bear with the mixed metaphors.  I’m sure more will come.

I finally got my printer to work and printed the manuscript.  I was going to read through the first half easily then deal with the big edits for the second half this week.

But when I saw it on paper, I needed to, once again, work more on the first half.  I’ve been working on that half since February 2003.  I think it’s about time I moved to the second half, don’t you?

Anyway, one thing I came across: for a couple of name changes, I used an edit function in my word processing program to auto fix. This maneuver screwed up any other word in which the sequence of letters of a that very short name appeared.  It inserted the new name, also a short name, but not the sequence of letters in the middle of other very common words. 

I can barely get through reading the first half without wanting to hunt down Bill Gates and torture him.  My facial expression, when I hit upon one is like unto Bill the Cat.  Do you remember Bill the Cat?  Here’s a refresher, and a starter for those not in the know.

Berkley Breathed gets all credit for creation and imagery of this character from his strip, Bloom County.

Second, where I made changes, I need to smooth transitions of blocks of text better.

Third, my a/c broke.  Honey called the repair folks to come on out the afternoon of the same day I had a meeting of a different sort in the morning, so any chance of working on the manuscript was null and void for that day.

And Fourthly, with the place to ourselves, I successfully shifted Toots to napping and sleeping at night on her own in her crib without much difficulty at all.  And we got a good start on actively potty training. 

Toots and I also had a lot of fun just hanging out, we girls, mom and daughter, goofing around the house and such.

I think that was awfully important, too.  don’t you?

And Fifthly, is it fifth?  I’ve lost track.  I trimmed the boxwoods and repotted the driveway markers with new little japanese hollies, so a couple of rather short drivers – are you lookin’ at me?! – can see to get out of the driveway without hitting the brick borders of the culvert bridge.

fun prompt: weekword

I’m a new convert to the weekly prompt project that Aimee at artsyville seems to have generated.

Every Monday, she posts winners and who is hosting the prompt among the participants from the previous week.  The blogger posts a word to inspire for the week, then other creative bloggers post on their blogs their own endeavors from the prompt on the following Friday.

At least that’s my understanding of how it works.  I hope I’m right. This is my real first go at it.  Last week, Aimee had posted her prompt ‘flavor’ when I had just posted the perfect shot of Toots eating watermelon on the 4th which happened to fit the prompt well. 

Peggy Fussell is this week’s host and her Weekword is Number.  Here’s my response, a haiku and photo pairing:

home isn’t only
a number to calculate
location, but heart

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