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I make attempts to get to work on the 4th draft of my manuscript, but life is full.

Kitchen renovation is complete after spending about a month washing dishes in the utility sink in the garage, where I usually wash the dog…

I sent the boys off to their summer visit to their father, and am feeling a bit at sea without them here.

Honey and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by driving them to the midcoast meeting place, and because Toots decided she would rather stay home with Grandma, Honey and I suddenly found ourselves alone in the van, childless and so we made a spontaneous trip, guided weirdly by GPS. Trying for Delaware beaches, we landed on the Maryland section of the Eastern Shore’s western river inlets along the Cheasapeake Bay Watershed. We landed in a little town called Rock Hall and stumbled upon a restaurant which led us to a B&B. Turned out to be a pretty laid back artsy boating community. We had a nice little escape.

So now I bombard you with too many and varied pics, such is my jam-packed life, locations: our kitchen over the course of a month from destruction to construction, Wilmington, DE and Rock Hall, MD, last weekend:

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