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superwoman has left the building

See  that caption under my blog title?  I’m not feeling very superwoman of late.

I overbooked the weekend and I am an awards show junkie, so as much as I should have gone to bed by like 9:30 last night, there I was couch surfing to dresses and accomplishments until very late.  It was a low key affair this time, but for Melissa Leo’s emotional speech and fbomb. I loved screenwriter David Seidler’s mention that his father always told him he’d be a late bloomer.  So did mine, and at the rate I’ve been working on this manuscript, I may be as old as Mr. Seidler before I finish.

That’s not really fair to myself and I know it, but this past week was spent well away from the manuscript. It’s time to get back to it.  I have had a low level stomach bug for about three days, it has hit others around me significantly worse. I’m worn out, but everything I committed to this weekend were really great experiences. Just the rest of last weekend didn’t work toward writing the way I had hoped. Alas, something’s always got to give with all these kids and laundry and a computer that gets a worm and, and, and.

I have two weeks. My goal was to complete the manuscript by mid-March, Maybe I should make my personal deadline the Ides of March for certain, although with Julius Caesar’s history, I’d like something a bit less forboding.

So for now, while the mess of my file cabinet and the mess of my room, and the mess of the boys’ rooms and Toots’s crib in my room still wait, I need to focus on the manuscript.  Then I will take care of the rest.

But I’ll still take care of the laundry. It needs it bad.

windy & warm

I blithely ignored the weather advisory and took a walk by the lake with Toots and Lucy because it was incredibly warm and sunny. I did not do any photo manipulation of these shots, they’re straight out of the camera, just to show the wind…

I have a thing about ripples in water, or even still water, or, frankly, water in all its permutations.
Those grasses usually stand straight up.
Toots: Take da camwa out, mommy!
Mom: What do you want me to take a picture of?
Toots: Me!

And then the wind really picked up.



This morning as we were all readying for the day, Toots walked up to me to request specific snacks to take with her to preschool.

I have a bunch of food allergies, etc, that her pediatrician advised we keep her away from until she’s three, then we can introduce them incrementally. First she walked up holding one of Grandma’s granola bars, I read the ingredients and had to tell her no. Then she went back to the pantry, where she can now reach to open the door, and returned with a pack of microwave popcorn.

Toots (with big inquiring grin): cannI haf pahtorn?
Mom (unwraps plastic but doesn’t move to make it just yet because I was in the middle of something else): Sure.

Next thing I heard from the kitchen is the sound of the stool scooting across the floor, then the door of the microwave opening, then closing, then beeping on and starting.

I darted into the the kitchen with a big pat on Grandma’s arm on the way, as both of us grinned at each other. There she was sitting in front of the microwave, proudly demonstrating her patiently waiting dance on the stool while watching the bag puff up and rotate. When it started popping, she patted out a little beat on the countertop along with the popcorn.

Toots (turns at the sound of my footsteps entering the room) Yook Mommy, I makin pahtorn!

well hello gorgeous

The camellias are in bloom!

Where did she learn to vamp like this?
Toots models her new haircut after getting the full salon treatment.


This weekend, we spent a good deal of it at one get together and another. 

The daughter in one family we saw at two events, enthusiastically asked me if Captain Comic was at the second event. When she looked disappointed, her mother relayed to me how much she enjoyed spending time with him on Friday night.

She told her mother, “”Mom, I like him, he’s funny, and he tells me stuff [mr. facts and ms. loves facts, too] and he draws, just like I like to draw and I think I have a crush on him.”

When her mom told me that, I started to cry, in the middle of a four year old’s birthday party. I blamed a lack of sleep, and there was a lack of sleep involved, but mostly, I cried because for the first time since we moved down here, another kid likes and appreciates Captain Comic just the way he is.

Five years is a long time to go without real friends in a childhood. So the fact that this girl likes him, and I didn’t run interpretation or interference in their conversation is something for which I am incredibly grateful.

Life is good. Anything is possible.

the teen

I don’t mention as much about my oldest as I do the other two. So I will share a tale of him now.

Saturday, I took Mr. Cynic out for a driving lesson, not in the high school parking lot, but on actual roads.

I nearly died. The boy panicked as we approached a main road and started veering off to ‘pull over’ to avoid it by having me drive us back into a subdivision from the main road.

Because we live in a coastal plain, the roadsides here have culverts for flood control. He nearly drove us into one, a near barrel-roll, passenger side – me – first.

I can hit some pretty high notes as a soprano. Never this high, except maybe while I was giving birth to him.

My driving lessons with him do not generally involve screaming, but I had said “Don’t!” about seventeen times in quick succession before screaming “Stop!” in an operatic fashion.

Think the Queen of the Night Aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute – without the surrounding tune. Just that flute-like high note near the end.

I suggest when you get to this stage of parenting to take a few more trips around the big parking lot in your area.

Eventually, I got a pretty good laugh from it. After I stopped shaking violently. He’s generally a cautious kid, hard to get him to drive over 20mph. I taught his father to drive with him and his brother strapped in toddler and infant seats in the backseat, way back when. So I know I can do this, and survive to tell more tales.


hello there

Well hello, little friend! 

Punxatawny Phil seems to be onto something.  Spring is coming.

cheese cereal and knock-knocks gone awry

Capt. Comic: Cheese cereal is good for you, right?
Mom: Cheese cereal?! Is there even such a thing?
Capt. Comic: Well, if there was. If we invented cheese cereal, it would be good for you, right?
Mom: I guess it would be, kiddo. (chuckle)

Apparently, if two things are great on their own, they’d be even better together?

Capt. Comic: Knock-knock
Mom: Troubador.
Capt. Comic: WHAT?!

He begins to laugh.  It becomes contagious.

Capt: Comic: Knock-knock.
Mom: Who’s there? (we’re still laughing from above, btw)
Capt. Comic: Excuse me?
Mom: Did you fart?
Capt. Comic: NO!

He can no longer control his laughter.  There is flopping and falling, and more laughing. On both our parts.

We never did get to the end of that joke.


Yesterday turned out to be crap day for writing. But a good one for walking the dog and hanging with Toots.


What, no snack?  We’re outa here.
The two in front are the ones on the approach in the other pic.  As soon as they realized we weren’t holding, they high-tailed it, and spread the word.
Weather was sunny, a tad cool, and a lot windy. We didn’t stay by the lake for very long, but we had a decent walk.
Today, the plan is to drop Toots at preschool then hit the library again with my manuscript. Wish me better luck with it than yesterday, please.  Thanks.

love & writing

I really do often feel stuck between what I ‘should’ be doing instead of writing and my writing.  If I don’t put it first right now, I will only be a resentful pig of a mother and wife. And that’s the truth. Plain and simple.

So yesterday, when I needed a moment in the midst of writing, I doodled this instead.

It’s really almost done. This is the final push. So if my family sees less of me, if you see less of me around the blogosphere, etc, this is why. I am hard at work.  I will be back in my family’s life more when I can focus on them better because I will not be dissecting and rearranging a manuscript in my head during our interactions.

And that’s it.

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