musings in mayhem

writer, mom, tutor, superwoman


Hi, Cathy Coley here. My life is mayhem. I wrote a children’s novel in the midst of it and am seeking an agent. My home cast of characters: Mr. Cynic: 18, Future rock star. Captain Comic: 14, He has Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s funny, sometimes on purpose. Toots: 5, Beauty, brains and she sings. Honey: I married him. He has big shoulders. Grandma: Honey’s mother and resident kisser of boo-boos.  Sasha: the new kitty boy who is a big black furball and Cecilia: a little bitty striped satin spring. I am a lover of the arts, curious cat, literature hound, movie addict, nature worshipper, cheating vegetarian, beach bum, and mom. I live in Coastal Virginia and pine for New England and the Red Sox. Every day is an adventure, even in Suburbia. I take a lot of pictures. Oh, and apparently, now I quilt and belly dance.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Charlie Cogan on said:

    My goodness! What a small world.

    I just met H.B. here, in Wichita, and we talked for a few hours at the party thrown by a mutual acquaintance. His blog linked to yours and I find that you live in “tidewater” VA, which, as it happens, is another place I used to live (Newport News) – the first, mentioned to H.B., was Boston.

  2. small world indeed! i was in boston and the berkshires this weekend. 🙂 H. B is one of a kind.

    thanks for stopping by!

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