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anatomy of ankleland

Some of you may recall this story from about a year ago:

You can click the picture for a link if you haven’t heard the tale, but about a year ago, I hurt my ankle pretty badly. I haven’t really recovered. In fact, from favoring the initial ligature/tendon injury which was never properly diagnosed, I developed tarsal tunnel syndrome.
Click pic to read about it.

Then from not dealing with the tarsal tunnel syndrome, I developed tendonitis on the posterior blah blah, a tendon sheathe along a muscle that runs from the knee down behind the calf muscle, close to the tibia. I lost track when the doctor was talking yesterday as he gave me a cortisone injection for tarsal tunnel syndrome. I left the doctor’s office and drove in circles (yes folks, it is my driving ankle) to find the place where I was supposed to pick up a boot to wear for the next month, and found it just time for it to be closed, thanks to it’s lack of signage. By the time I got home, my foot was on fire up to my knee, and felt dead and asleep, like it was trying to wake up, but never did except partially sometime around five o’clock this morning. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night.  Before I went to bed, I asked a medical friend if my foot/ankle/leg should still feel like this several hours after injection, and she replied that it sounds like I had a classic steroid flare. Yay me and my weird anatomy.

So this morning, I got to drive all the way back across Newport News to find this boot place again and now my fashion statement is this:

May I pass this lesson onto you?

Listen to your body when it is giving you clear signals to see a doctor and take care of yourself, for goodness sake, because if you don’t put yourself high ‘on the list’, this is the sort of thing that can happen to you.

Ironically, in the waiting room, my reading was Hot (Sweaty) Mamas, by Kara Douglas Thom and Laurie Lethert Kocanda, an enthusiastic book about making personal fitness a priority in your hectic life as a mother.

I neglected to mention previously that this book was a win from Kate Hopper’s blog, Mother Words:Mothers Who Write. I am incredibly grateful, Kate, thank you. Once I can get back on both feet, I am so on this!

In fact, even before I am back on both feet, I am starting a belly dancing class next Monday. 🙂

list it tuesday

I really should have been nanoing instead.  last week I had practically no progress in my word count. Busy Busy Busy week. I am not made for nano in the way that I live and write, edit, write, edit, thinkthinkthink, need a Pooh spot, have Captain Comic and Toots and dog and cat and Mr. Cynic, and everyone and thing else to distract me which is also why it’s good that I am attempting nanowrimo, just so when I CAN sit my butt in the chair and type and think and have quiet, and inspiration all at once…..I will actually write.
Still more than I am doing in my original manuscript edits….
btw, List it Tuesday is a prompt from Aimee at artsyville.  It’s fun, please join!

Today’s plan

is to plant the phlox I bought yesterday.  They look lovely in the pots I purchased  strategically placed around the bushes and side of the house where I want them to be in the ground. 

But after last night’s spontaneous girls’ night out adventure loaded with laughs and friends, and making new friends and generally having a ball, after yesterday’s relatively perfect day of lack of planning leading to gardening and then some, I may just lay back down in the chaisse lounge out back with a book and my red sox cap pulled low over my eyes, after I settle Toots down for her nap.

(please settle down for nap, Toots, please, oh please oh please?)

I think I need one, too.  I was up way past my bedtime.

A good week

Last week, I did not live up to my writing intentions. 

This week, I just might.  I really want to.

This week also has a few other good things to offer:

1. I will be able to watch my beloved Boston Red Sox on my local sports station, playing against the Washington Nationals.  I don’t get every game they play in this neck of the beach, because I can’t get NESN, the home station in Boston.  And I am not going to get dish tv or whatever, or join computer viewing, etc… if I’m going to pay, I’d rather be at the game…But yay!  Saturday!  Red Sox!  I mean it’s not like I’m a crazy fan, I just love them. 

2. Somebody special has a birthday coming up on April Fool’s Day.  You can read about this then…tune in Thursday!

3. The Easter Bunny is coming on Sunday!  Jelly beans!  Chocolate!  And Italian cream pies!  Grandma’s annual specialty…I like the chocolate cream pie the best…

4.  Friday, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

Today is all about the boom-boom rumbling thunder all night long, the pummelling rain, the late school bus and one soaking wet kid sent to school. I really want to get a few things done, but I may be joining Toots for a goood relaxation on the sofa with PBS kids…gotta love what a low pressure system does for motivation…

Procrastination station

I really had good intentions when I set out earlier this week to work on my children’s novel in progress’s current draft. 

Really I did.

Then I had a variety of appointments for myself and for Toots, and bass lessons for Mr. Cynic, and, oh nope, I pulled Captain Comic from Taekwando for my convalescence months of February and March, so no excuse there.  And then the sun came out, and I had a book to finish reading, and with family in one car mode, I was driving Honey to work, and then I putzed around getting rid of the Lucy in the snow picture above, and then I had to get a new spring photo up, which meant I had to go take spring photos and the sun came out and the urge to garden became overwhelming and… aw forget it. 

I didn’t really dig into the manuscript as intended.

When Toots naps today, I will.  Promise.  I mean, it’s only Thursday, right? I can make up the hours I skipped earlier in the week before the week ends, right? 

Knock, knock?  Anybody there? 

Nano so far

Want to read it? Good luck…here’s the wordle of it.

The Next Big Thing

Why is it even when I have several projects I could be working on, narrowed to two that I am working on (read procrastinating) that I generally have at least part of my writer’s eye on The Next Big Thing?

This is also true in the home improvement arena, you should see what I’ve come up with for the addition now that we are paying a mortgage and have a yard of our own rather than renting a condo.

I mean I could also be focusing on getting those wonderfully folded piles from last week into dressers before starting this week’s loads. But I’m already a day late anyway, and have no earthly idea how it is that I wash the same five outfits per family member twice a week and there are still piles of folded and sorted laundry sitting from two weeks ago.

I’m planning next spring’s gardens while the plots are currently filled and continuing to fill with weeds. I really need to buy more sand to add to my clay soil which needs to be turned and covered, with compost, too, before I start plotting next year.

I am also dreaming baby names, when I know, logistics and physicality have set in stone that C is the last of my progeny. I am thinking of new baby names instead of being present with the three kids I have now.

I can use the baby names for characters, but that is the only technical resolve I have for this dilemma I have that the next thing is better than the present. It’s sparklier, it’s as tempting as a dessert sitting on the counter while I’m preparing dinner.

Something about the new, the imagined, the dreamed is much easier because I can keep my hands clean thinking about it while the dirty work of the present is a constant.

Maybe I just have trouble with finishing, with letting go, with saying finally, for the last time, that this version of the poem, the children’s novel, the article is good enough just the way it is.

I’m sure there is a psychological disorder with a big fancy name for this. It has conveniently slipped my mind.

Why oh why?

Can’t I write my final scene which is already laid out pretty well in a spiral notebook which has been open on my desk for a couple of weeks or so now?

Can’t I write the essay that should be the result of the interview I conducted a couple of weeks ago?

Can’t I clean up my room from the buckets that should be switched seasonal clothes and back in the attic for a few weeks now?

Can’t I get it together to practice tai chi, yoga, take my walks, or engage in any regular form of exercise?

Can’t I plan a dinner beyond the five minutes before I cook it?

Because I’m pooped, that’s why.

Because I can’t keep one strain of thought going when I turn around to leave the room to go do that thing, what was it – I was going to leave the room to do.

Because I’d rather read a book, even if I can only manage three pages at a time.

Because I’d rather cuddle the baby who kept me up all night again, as she drowsily skips her nap, again.

And that’s why I’m so pooped.

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