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sandy hook and simon’s rock

Most of my posts are rather light, focusing on the humor of raising my family and on managing to find blocks of time to write or edit what I have already written in the hopes it will one day be published.

Friday was a horrible day for us all. I know many parents hugged their children a little more, and called adult children who live far from them to tell them they love them.

For some of us, Friday was already a terrible 20th anniversary of a similar event at our small, bucolic college, where a beloved professor was taken and so was an equally wonderful student. We were memorializing  Ñacuñán Sáez and Galen Gibson when Sandy Hook left us reeling.

I am not going to to get into a gun debate here, or a mental healthcare debate, I just want to acknowledge that we all are grieving with the community that is seventy one miles south of that other campus, and under thirty miles from my parents’ home, the house where I grew up.

I hold Newtown, Ct in my heart, for a long time to come.


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