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I should have done this years ago. I recently threw Captain Comic into wrestling. It seems just what he needs.

I spend my days grabbing him from the middle school to tote him over to the high school, because as an 8th grader, he qualifies for JV team.

Yesterday evening, they had a clinic with the local shipbuilders apprentice school, so all these huge guys came in to show the kids some moves. It was later than the usual conditioning practices we’ve been doing, and they worked him harder, so he kind of faded, but I could tell he was enjoying it. Besides, one of his peers, below, was really cool about continuing to practice stuff with him, where a lot of the Varsity guys, while good with him, tend to let him fade too soon, when things get a little challenging for him, right when he needs a push the most.

That’s  Captain Comic in orange. Of course, being the Tigers, everything is orange in the gym.

During the apprentice school’s Wrestle-off (to find out who is the starting wrestler in each weight class) after the clinic, he hit his limit- tired, hungry, in a crowd, off-routine,  the high pitched whistle, and a baby started to cry in the stands, so I pulled him out, besides, I was already late to another thing and he needed to study for a Science test. On the way home, we chatted about  wrestling in general and the evening’s events.

Captain Comic: Mom, I just don’t think I’m that into exercise.
Me: Really? Because the sensory feed from it is so great for you, especially in wrestling. It seems the perfect fit for you.
Capt: (Frankengroan)
Me: Promise me you’ll stick it out, til you learn your way around it better through the season?
Capt.: Okay, JUST for the season. ….How long is the season?
Me: Til February.
Capt: FEBRUARY?! Holy Crap!
Me: Please, Buddy? Just give it a try.
Capt: (Frankengroan) Okay…

Besides the exercise, I see him transitioning to the high school better next year…having some familiarity with the building, some friends there to show him around a bit. He’ll be less intimidated than he is right now. The benefits of team building and personal accomplishment from the sport, and its discipline will be great for him, too.  I think he really missed Tae Kwan Do, too. Wrestling is more his style.


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2 thoughts on “wrestling

  1. Laurie Anderson on said:

    I just love the way you mother!

  2. thanks, laurie.

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