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day one 2012-2013

Mr. Cynic is a senior. A cool senior.

This is how he really feels about it.

I swear I just gave him lipstick kisses on his belly to reassure him as he went off to preschool.

Captain Comic was up and at ’em well before dawn, but this is his official stance.

Me: So how do you feel about eighth grade?

Capt. Comic: Eh, cause it’s (counts on fingers outloud) nine and a half months of labor.

Toots has been ready to start at her new preschool since the day her old preschool ended back in June. Every morning of the summer started with an enthusiastic”Is it time for school yet?!” or a tentative, “Is summer over yet?”  She is in the PM program at what will be her Elementary School. but she was ready to go first thing this morning.

For her, it is all about the Dora backpack.

Sigh. They grow so fast.


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4 thoughts on “day one 2012-2013

  1. ann elise mclaughlin on said:

    OMG! That backpack is almost as big as Toots! Excitement is all around. My 2nd and 4th graders just left for their 1st days today. Wishing you all wonderful easy successful accomplished happy fun school years!

  2. that first day is definitely bittersweet… but more sweet than bitter! 😀

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