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Me: Can you please stop hovering?!
Captain Comic: Can I just show you what I wanted to show you on last night?
Me: If I show you, will you walk away and stay a way for more than 30 seconds?
Captain Comic: (chuckles) Yes. Now… (totally invades my space) here, let me type it. (types in something beginning with V – a Godzilla type toy pops up on screen)
Me: Do you realize that you recently just got rid of a bunch of Godzilla stuff just like this?
Capt.: But – This is not Godzilla. This is from Ultraman. It’s Kaiju, and I am a Kaiju fan. And now I want to collect Kaiju stuff. This will be one of three that I have out of fifty, and I only have two so far.
Me: (face in my hands): I wish I could just record this conversation and put a banner over it saying: This is Asperger’s!
Capt.: (chuckles, continues to hover while I type up this blog post) And now will you order it?

Notice how he still has not walked away as promised?

Capt: Please?


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