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dolphin moment

Yesterday morning I awoke and realized I had a day to just relax with Honey and Toots. This is a rare gift, and I decided to accept it.

Then Toots decided she would not pee for well over twelve hours since the night before, which was great that she stayed dry through the night, but by 11am, we stuck her on the toilet and she screamed and cried, and described why she didn’t want to pee til I suspected a UTI, and we piled in the van and headed to the Urgent Care place, because you know these things never happen when the regular pediatrician is open…

As we approached our destination, she declared she now needed to pee – she is going to hate me for this post later, right? – so I ran her in to pee in a cup while Honey checked us in and as she peed like Niagara Falls, she said she felt fine, and I declared false alarm, now let’s go to the beach, thankfully without paying the copay.

I never leave the house without a drink, even in the dead of winter, but I did yesterday, with a heat index of 113F. I left the house with only a swimsuit in a bag for Toots. Honey and I were fully dressed in tshirts and shorts, no swimwear. We thought we would just stay for a bit, let Toots dunk and play at the local river beach, then go get snow cones. A pleasant enough hour or so jaunt on a Sunday afternoon.

But then we met a young family and Toots helped them with their ditch pool at the water’s edge, and the girls became friends, and I got talking education with them and the mother was even chattier than I am. They had just moved here a week ago. They homeschooled  where they last lived, and I know a few homeschoolers, so I said I’d put them in touch, etc.

So as I started to feel brainfried and sick to my stomach from the heat and like I would pass out, I started splashing water on my neck and back, because I couldn’t cool off enough just standing in the bath warm water. I declared, let’s get going.

Then the other mom said, “Look! Dolphins!”

So we stayed. I couldn’t get a shot of the them as their fins and backs crested out of the water with my slow cell cam, but we saw about three pods pass us by, very close to the shore and docks. They seemed to be checking out the fun all those legged creatures were having on shore and in the water.

Of course, after that we stayed much longer than our intent, and Honey got his shorts and belt wet hovering for Toots in the water….and we were all completely brain fried…

But you know what? If we hadn’t risked the heat, we never would have seen those beautiful creatures, so playful, so like us, yet unlike us, so alien and familiar, so close to us.

How precious is this earth and all of its creatures.


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4 thoughts on “dolphin moment

  1. Glad Toots is better! I think you know I have the gift of seeing dolphins almost daily, and yet every time I see them, I have that exact same reaction: “Oh! Dolphins!” followed by a run to the dock. I can never get enough of them. Last week, we were visited by a manatee. I wasn’t home from work yet, but the girls and Benny got a good view while swimming. One passed by about 1 foot off the dock, with Livvie saying, “Daddy, what’s that round thing with the two holes and whiskers sticking up out of the water right there?” Benny said she could have reached out and touched the manatee he was so close.

  2. sounds like a dreamy place to live, kelly, until i worry about you in the storms! 🙂 i would love to have dolphins and manatees out my back door.

  3. sounds amazing! and so far away from where we are right now …… right across the Atlantic, we are on the west coast of Ireland, and it hasn’t stopped raining in days. We’ve had the heating on at night. In July!!!!!!!!!! But, like you, it’s about appreciating the world around us. The girls don’t care about the weather so today we went walking and saw slugs, snails, spiders, dew-laden spider webs, butterfly chrysalis, cows (which made Ruby very happy!), two green sheep (don’t ask), an amazing heron, three swans, and….. 4 baby swallows nesting in the shed. Life is amazing – whatever the weather.

  4. thanks, alana! i will ask about green sheep. 🙂 you’re right, life is pretty amazing.

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