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It’s hot out. That’s right, I am mentioning it again. I went outside to water this morning and accidentally sprayed this fledgling out of the camellias.

Are you looking at me?


I tried to help him over the fence, he wouldn’t let me near enough to do so.


One balcony garden I had at a condo in Massachussetts days of old, I grew a ton of morning glories. When I moved to a new one without a balcony, they began to die, so I gave them to my mother in Connecticut, and they still grow up the corner of the house at my parents’ patio.

I have tried to grow them here in Virginia every year….the voles always eat the roots, or the sun fries them in the droughts. I finally got one to take this year in a pot on the fence. I hope she lasts, because she is gorgeous.

Look at me, please…

I planted my gardens late this year. Here are my first tomatoes saying


Speaking of fledglings, look how this one stays cool in the heat.


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