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It took a while, more like a month, possibly more, before I could really engage with the manuscript. On Tuesday, at my writing group, I seem to have finally broken through the block.

It took until then before I could even read it without going crosseyed and my brain shutting down in the first paragraphs. I’m not sure if a channel remains that puts the rainbow stripes up and that tone at a certain hour of the night, when programming ends. I am not sure if any of you remember awakening on the sofa to that sound that happened after a rendition of the national anthem and a stock photo of the flag flying, but that is what happened every time I opened my manuscript until Tuesday. Minus the flag and anthem.

In the mean time, I have been trying to stop staring at the computer so much and engage more with Toots and when the heat wasn’t thoroughly oppressive (index of 113F one day last week, and near that for about two weeks) walking the dog, since Captain Comic isn’t here to do so.

I had a moment when Toots seemed more discouraged that I could rotate my hoop so easily, and rethought buying one in my size with the idea I could teach her to hula by example. She hasn’t gotten the hang of it, yet, but I will keep trying with her.

I am off to the library today to edit some more, going to try to treat my writing more like a job, and get myself out of the house and someplace I can focus on it with minimal distractions. When I try to work on it at home, I can find anything to do instead far too easily – because things need doing.

I hope you had a happy Fourth of July, if you’re American. I am pretty happy to live here, even if there is a lot that I would like to change. Both sides of my family have been here since colonial days and longer, and though I have strains of the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon folks of old running in my veins, I don’t think you can get anymore of a place than my family roots in this land.


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