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Yesterday was hot.

It reached 113F heat index. There was no relief, only a hint of relief with central air conditioning.

I lay around most of the day. I couldn’t take Toots outside. I went outside to check the gardens and was sick to my stomach within ten minutes, in the morning, well before it reached above.

The air was still. Deathly still and hotter than I’ve ever felt. I didn’t walk the dog. I didn’t take Toots to the pool.

Around five o’clock, I thought I might be able to pick up a new hose down the street, our old hose in back had busted a small leak, rendering it unusable, we tried to fix, but failed. I knew as soon as the temperature came down, I would need to water the gardens a ton.

Toots decided to come with me. It was still extraordinarily hot. I feared roasted four year old on the store parking lot. Of course, she had decided to wear long pants yesterday. I told her she would be too hot, and she proceeded to pull them up above her knees. They didn’t stay. She walked funny holding her pants up. Skinniest, smallest Summo wrestler I’ve ever seen.

We went, we roasted. I panted, I bought cole slaw fixings along with the hose. then I got hungry and bought more groceries. I fear I really just didn’t want to go back out there, in that deadly heat.

Honey and I said we’d go to bed early last night, we’ve gotten into a bad habit of staying up too late. We didn’t make it, we both fell asleep on the sofa after Toots’s bedtime. We went up about 11:30 or so. Fell asleep nearly immediately.

Then a train hit the house and woke us – a rainless wind storm.

Then flashes of light, was it a police car? No thunder. Then the thunder. Then the hail then the rain…it was intense. Mostly the wind was intense. I made honey go out in the hundred mile an hour winds to collect the garden tools I had leaning on the front of the house before they broke someone’s windows. We turned on the news, we checked Weather Underground on the tablet, we were on the leading edge of the storm cell on the maps. We posted our shock on facebook, because surely, we no longer slept while the house was buffeted and the dog and cat took up trembling residence between us on the bed. I feared the huge pine outside our bedroom window and thanked everything I could think of for no tree outside Toots’s window.

Small blessing after we awoke to this scene: I don’t have to water the gardens. Not yet anyway.

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2 thoughts on “yowza

  1. Looks like our three days of non-stop rain and flooding finally made it up your way. We still haven’t completely dried out. There was nearly two feet of rain in some areas of Jacksonville Monday and Tuesday. Crazy stuff. I had a hell of a time getting home Tuesday night because of all the flooded roadways. Even parts of I-10 and I-95 were closed with flooding.

  2. yikes, kelly! we only had the overnight. rumors has it will be a roaster again today, then another overnight storm. they always threaten a tstorm, but they haven’t been coming.

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