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I had a rare Saturday off from work with nothing else scheduled and suddenly the world was full of possibilities.

We slept in. We cleaned out Bertha (my old minivan), made an exploratory errand, and then, with Mr. Cynic in Disney World with his choir trip,  we took the younger two for a ride up to the James River Festival.

We were late arrivals, most of the boat races and activities were earlier in the day. A band was blasting as we got out of Bertha. Captain Comic’s biggest sensitivity is noise, especially live music that includes vocals. So when he groaned, I flashed a rock hand and yelled, “ROCKNROLL!!!” He looked at me, nearly expressionless, as to say, WTH, Mom.” So I showed him how to throw the rock hand.

Some things are hopeless.

But I love him. Even this made me laugh. And that’s when he shook his head with a mom is nuts look and walked toward the music.

Honey said, “Look at her! She’s like ten! and the kid on bass isn’t much older.” I had been watching Toots and Capt Comic make a V- line in divergent directions fast away from the music. Turns out the girl is 11, her brother is 14, and that’s mom on the drum kit. We checked in after the music ended while the dad was breaking down equipment.  Sorry, didn’t get the name of the band, but they really rocked! She sang Janis, Carol King/Aretha, Grace Slick, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Bon Jovi . And she was really good. Even Captain Comic was like, “Whoa, she sounds like an adult!”

Addendum: Honey pointed out to me after reading the blog that I incorrectly assigned instruments: the girl sang and played bass, the boy was the shredder.]

Toots got a snow cone. Honey got a dog and burger.  There was also a very coveted bag of cotton candy. I am not proud of Toots’s sugar addicted behavior over that.

Captain Comic got a dog and snow cone. It must be a Red day for him.

I had a little fried oyster sandwich, tasty and not too much fried or oyster. I don’t eat seafood very often, so when I do, I just want a little taste. This hit the spot.

Then we headed to the river. These two kids are usually like oil and water, but at least they both have a similar magnetic attachment to water, rather like their mother. I love how she is following his steps here:

She threw rocks. He examined the current, or lack there of.

Then Toots examined the light on the water between the dock slats.

They moved down, exploring closer to the water. The lower dock is a floater that was tied on. It took a lot of verbal effort to keep them from moving onto it and possibly falling in in the process. We had no changes of clothes, and the water had that marina patina.

The little waves soothed him. Trust me.

The view across the water.

They didn’t really care for the view.

It was a nice little jaunt to the riverfest. We talked with the Virginia Marine Institute folks at their tent, where they had a Dusk Shark jaw and a sea turtle shell, I put the camera away by then.

We took the Colonial Parkway home. It can be a sleeper, with the drone of the pebbly concrete under wheels but when the tree cover opens up to the water views, it really is stunning. Toots said, “Yook at the water! Darn I fowdot my tamewa!” So I pulled out mine. I love these clouds above the James River.

I have loved this tree by the York River since the first time I saw it. 

And right now, these yellow wildflowers are coating roadsides and yards all over this area. Some of the yellow is buttercups, but I’m not sure what the littlest flowers are.

We had a lovely family day, relaxed, and rare.


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