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And they say people with autism have no empathy. Look at the love and empathy on Captain Comic’s face as he cradled Lucy this morning on the way home from the vet after yesterday’s bladder stone surgery.

He really loves her.

She tried to eat the vet when he attempted to give her her antibiotic this morning.

I gave it to her fine.

Lucy is a nervous little dog who was a stray possibly for the first year of her life. We’ve had her since. She loves us and we love her, even when she is too revved up and knocks Toots down, or jumps too much and barks at guests, or anyone who walks or drives down the street…She’s not to keen on men who aren’t part of our family.

She escapes underfoot through our front door, and always comes home within five minutes. It’ll be tough to keep her from running until the sutures come out in 10 days…and tough to keep that cone on.

I’m sure glad she’s home.


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5 thoughts on “love

  1. Cathy Jennings on said:

    awww. they are sweet. i hope she is a good patient.

  2. thanks, cathy. đŸ™‚

  3. poor lil thing. has she managed to free herself from the cone yet?

  4. not yet! must be the pain killers…

  5. very sweet shot.

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