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That’s what I have always called them. I check them everyday and pay attention or not depending upon relevant connection to my life. I actually briefly check two every morning and go with the one that seems the better fit, or looks to make for a happier day if I follow the advice, which is usually to keep my eyes open and breath….

This morning, I need to reconcile them. 1st one, from my internet homepage:

You’ve been working especially hard and you’re beginning to wonder if all your effort has been for naught. A restructuring at work leaves you wondering just exactly where you fit in or if you even fit in at all. You may have a troubling few days, Capricorn, but will be relieved to learn that the higher-ups have big plans for you in the newly organized, streamlined company.(source: msn)

The 2nd is from the usually more easybreezy chick site:

You’re feeling confident, creative, and fueled by some serious willpower today. This is a great time to put some steam behind your passions and ideas. Just make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, though. You’re likely to overestimate what you can handle. Don’t forget to pace yourself; otherwise, what started out as fun could end up feeling like a burden. (source: astrostyle)

Of course I like the opening of the second one.  The rest of both fits more what has been going on at my job lately.

This was supposed to be a silly little part time gig to supplement family income, while I could still take care of my family’s needs and write, but in the past week or so especially, it has become the monster that is chewing me up bit by bit.

Thanks for listening, I am hoping in the next few days that certain things at the job will resolve, from tech difficulties to cracks in my training getting some spackle.

Thank goodness my writing group meets tomorrow.  I hope I can focus well on writing for a couple of hours tomorrow morning. Also, I sang my heart out yesterday morning at my fellowship, before going in to work to fill in for someone else. And the Academy Awards and a little of the red carpet pre-show almost took my mind off of things for a bit. Additionally, I came home to a lovely split pea soup that Honey made, knowing that I really need some comfort of late, and Toots cuddled with me and was a balm to my raw little soul.

Life is good, but sometimes, it’s a challenge in ways I hadn’t expected.











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