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etsy addict

Hi, my name is Cathy. I am an addict.

An Etsy addict.

I usually peruse longingly over many handcrafted items I would like to buy, some by friends, some I just dangerously stumble upon. My friends’ goods are my Gateway drug.

One thing about having a part time job is I can give myself a little treat. And I do mean little, it is part time after all, and my dog needed to go to the vet again. She’s on the mend, though. Anyway, today’s little treats came from


A very affordable, colorful and inspirational place to find Artsy Doodles.  Aimee’s art is very lively, funky and sweet.  Perfect little mantras to get you through your day. A few doodles sing coffee’s praises.

The Happy Shack

A very colorful and happy place to find handmade jewelry and fun photography. Kelly’s jewelry has kick and her photos have spunk.

They blog, too, and can be found at Artsyville and Artful Happiness. When I’m having a cranky or down day, Aimee and Kelly always perk up my mood. And if I am happy when I read their blogs, I giggle and grin and usually find, it is just what I needed then, too.

Go check them out!

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  1. Ah, thanks so much!

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