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Captain Comic is not inclined to do schoolwork or homework. Lots of negotiations arise around doing homework at school or doing schoolwork at home. This is not to say he won’t work exceedingly hard at drawing a new comic idea, think hard about planning a new movie idea, or read incessantly about whatever catches his fancy. This month, it seems to be cryptozoology.

Friday night of the long weekend, I came home from work after usual dinner time, and declared, “If you do not do this work Mrs. T emailed me about, you will lose TV all weekend.” There was a little preliminary discussion before I said that, but it came rather quickly because I was burnt out and trying to figure out the best way to thwart arguments between him and the rest of the family all weekend while I was booked elsewhere.

Capt. Comic: (volume on 11, per Spinal Tap) MOM! You can’t do that! That is cruel and unusual punishment! And Besides – It’s a long weekend, I have Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon (counting out on his fingers like an old school marm), SUNDAY morning, oh wait, Sunday afternoon, and all day Monday to do my homework.

Mom: Or you can do your work first, and will be able to relax the rest of the weekend while I work and have a million other things scheduled.

Capt. Comic: (begins litany again, but louder) BUT MOM – I don’t think you REALIZE what I AM TELLING YOU –

Mom: Oh yes I do, but what I am telling you, is you can get the work you need to do done first, and then you will have the rest of the weekend to do what you want.

Captain Comic: BUT-

Mom: NOW or time out and no tv all weekend.

Capt. Comic: GRRRRR….(Stomp, stomp, stomp away and returns with Algebra work) FINE, but I can do my Science Project tomorrow, AFTER video games.

Mom: We’ll see.

Captain Comic: You can’t  do that!

Mom: Let’s focus on your Math work now.

Capt. Comic: GGRRRR.

We settled into a semi-argumentative figuring out of Interest equation solutions, and word problems – oh joy for both of us – I am averse to formulas and he is averse to word problems.  After a couple of them, Captain Comic paused. threw down his pen  (Never did convince him that it would be better to use a pencil for this) and exclaimed, with resignation and incredulity:

Mom, I don’t think I am prepared for Life at all.

I tried my best to restrain from bursting out laughing. He now declares, I did a combination of both.

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