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happy bday to me

I have had more mayhem than usual since I moved to WordPress, consequently, more intention to post and less chance to do so.

I will try to get more consistent about it shortly, things may start to settle down a little, post holidays.

I usually post a number of things coincidental to the number of years a person in my family is turning, but today, I may skip that for fear you would not reach the end of the post.

Instead I will try 10. maybe 12, because that is double my favorite number, which is my favorite, because there are so many of them in my birthday. And I can never stop at a reasonable limit. Just ask cookies, or chips.

1. I gave this to myself as a little birthday present because, I need to heed this advice more to calm the mayhem: (sorry, not a lot of time this morning and had trouble uploading photo and setting link to it).

2. It snows on my birthday every year. It’s Mother Nature’s little dose of happiness to me. She knows I love it. I am pretty confident it will not snow here on my south coastal Virginia peninsula wedged between two rivers, today. The forecast is for a high of 6oF.  But if it snows where you are, please let me know. It will give me a little winking thrill.

3. My boys have both outgrown me this year. Captain Comic has been sneaking (not certain if this is accidental or on purpose, sometimes both most likely) wearing the new pants I bought for Mr. Cynic. Mr. Cynic declares he feels violated when he sees Captain Comic in his jeans. They wear the same size, and Captain Comic says, “What?! They are my size! I checked!”  I think he knows how to work his special difference to his advantage.

4. I need to slow down, I love the energy of a good life pace, but even for me I need to be conscious of how quickly things avalanche. See number 1.

5. My daughter is a regular little person now. She still sounds like she’s talking through helium, and she’s a tiny little spit of a kid, but she stuns me with her grown-up qualities daily.

6. My Honey sang Happy Birthday to me in bed this morning, before dawn.

7. Grandma showed me a recipe the other day for a Boston Creme Cake. She wants to make it for me. It’s a giant donut. Now that’s love. I don’t know when we’ll share it or I’ll have a chance to blow out the candles today, but I love the idea.

8. Some how, at some point in this wacky scheduled day, there will be a dirge-like rendition of Happy Birthday, one kid mouthing it with fingers in his ears, and saying CHACHACHA between verses.

9. I love my life, and happy I am still here, aches and pains and mayhem, et al.

10. Going to see my stylist today. Happy birthday to me!

11. The camellias are blooming.

12. This year is going to burst with goodness. I just know it in my gut.

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4 thoughts on “happy bday to me

  1. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you are having a wonderful, fabulous, super fantastic day!

  2. Happy Belated to the best internet pal so many of us are lucky to have!

  3. wow, thank you, liz!

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