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last stretch

We got most of our holiday shopping done over the weekend, in a rush, but we did it!  We nearly finished decorating, too.

We also took Toots to Urgent Care and yes, she had contracted a horrible sinus infection after about 10 days of an innocuous runny nose. She refuses liquid medicines, and is such a pipsqueak that most of  children’s symptom meds  in chewable or melting strips form, I have to cut in half.

Now she has a liquid antibiotic that she would rather work her contortionist techniques – she is quite talented, by the way – to avoid taking and then dribble down the front of her shirt. It’s only a 1x a day 1.6mg dose. It shouldn’t be this hard.

This week is going to have to be played by ear. I have no idea how I am going to make my usual skads of cookies to give to neighbors, etc while working and with all the kids home from school most of the week. And work.

We also have a Flat Stanley project to do for my nephew in Connecticut. We will take him up to Cornwallis’s Cave and the Big Monument up at York River Historic District, which is part of the Historic Triangle. We’ve done this before for a long distance friend. Captain Comic gets a kick out of holding the Flat Kid behind bars where Commander Cornwallis and his troops were held captive at the deciding battle to end the Revolutionary War.

I guess I just have to put my head down and run.  But then I recall, that is how my brother broke his teeth as a kid, running head on into a tree in a touch football game. Must use caution.



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