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seasonal prep

We put up the tree and much of the decor for the season today.

Toots was a good helper, even with her snoggy nose and chesty cough.

Mr. Cynic helped pull stuff from the attic.

He had to put her down to straighten the heavy star on the fake tree. I used to always get a real tree, but with pine allergies in the house, we have used a fake one for a few years.

Once all the ornaments are on, who can tell anyway, right? There’s a real piney wreath on the door and when the morning sun shines on it, the scent fills the house when we open the door. Smells like Christmas without sending certain sinuses in the house into misery.

In other seasonal joy, Mr. Cynic’s high school competitive Jazz Choir and the other musical groups, had their Winter Concert on Thursday night. Here’s a little taste via 1 min cellphone video.

My son is the pipsqueak on the right, wiggling to the beat.

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2 thoughts on “seasonal prep

  1. “chesty cough”… i’m using that one! 🙂

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