musings in mayhem

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best laid plans

My work schedule doesn’t start til this afternoon today, so I had planned on knocking out more of the current chapter edit I am in the middle of since Tuesday’s writing group session. It had been the first time I had a chance to blow dust off of the manuscript since November 22nd. So I was really excited to have the house to myself this morning and get back to it.

And then Toots really didn’t want to wake up this morning.

And when she finally did, she was moving really slowly.

And then she spoke and sounded like Elmer Fudd on helium.

I thought I still might be able to write by plunking Miss Snoggy in front of the TV, but her viewing preference this morning is Yo Gabba Gabba, the theme song of which is not conducive to overhaul editing. It contains many other similarly psychotic tunes per episode, too.

So, it is laundry day and catching up on some things is on my agenda, instead.


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