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I cannot imagine a world without singing.

I have been singing since I was born, and love the sound of human voices raised in song. I have spent the majority of my life in choirs. I took a twenty year break without quite realizing how much I missed it, and the result when I got back in was amazing. Singing with others makes me happy.

I have one child, who probably has perfect pitch and is hypersensitive to the sound of singing, in a very squashing way. He can’t bear to hear anyone sing in person. He can’t bear the sound of a live amplified voice. But he spent the first several years of his life either in a constant state of humming or screaming.  This was painful for me to learn to deal with, but I learned to sing while he wasn’t around, and occasionally test if he can bear it, which is extremely rare. Extremely.

Singing has always been a spiritual experience for me and I recently rediscovered an old college friend’s wonderful mountain spring voice and purpose in her singing and song writing.

To hear Minna Bromberg’s latest piece in works go to her website by clicking here.

I would love to sing this with my little choir.

She is currently working on a new ‘album’, are they still calling it that these days?  She is asking for donations to fund the production. If you want to be a part of getting more of her beautiful voice out into the world please click here.

I am sure she will appreciate it greatly.


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