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odds and ends

1. Lots of landscaping this weekend and the plants purchased eons ago are now in the ground. Honey levelled and installed a lovely patio area by the front porch.

1.5. Lots of singing this weekend, too. (I thought of this when I was giving the list a once over)

2. Porch is a loose term. We live on a coastal plain, so have a slab foundation. No steps lead up to our door. We have no basement. Our two-car garage is wrongly named. Our cars are parked in the driveway.  The garage is full of what should be in the basement.

3. The boys had their wellness checkups yesterday. We are starting Captain Comic on Omega-3 fish oil and B-complex vitamins to help his anxiety.

4. We’re starting Mr. Cynic on protein shakes. He fell off the growth chart. How does a 16 year old male fall off the growth chart? I swear he’s not anorexic. Not even close.

5. Captain Comic officially out-weighs him.

6. I have writing group today.

7. Toots is going to shuffle from Grandma and the Y to her great-aunt’s house for childcare because Grandma and I had conflicting appointments.

8. Mr. Cynic is home sick from school today. He has a bad cold. He hasn’t missed school in well over a year. This is a marked improvement from his elementary days as Mr. Strep.

9. It’s raining.

10. In the driveway sits a wheel barrow loaded with dirt and a flat tire. Now it will be loaded with dirt and rain water.

11. We are hosting Thanksgiving for the in-laws.

12. Honey and I stayed up way too late last night for no discernibly good reason.

13. More coffee, please. I have writing group, and a house to clean. And a sweet potato souffle to cook.

14. And Mr. Cynic has snickerdoodles to cook for a class ‘spontaneous gathering of cultures’ – they can’t have parties at school these days.

15. My bed is calling.

16. So is my shower.

17. Have a great Thanksgiving if I don’t make it back here. I hope you spend it with people you love. If not, love the ones you’re with – CSNY was onto something. Or work a soup kitchen.






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2 thoughts on “odds and ends

  1. Hope you had a terrific day with not too much mayhem!

  2. we did, aimee, thanks!

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