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hoary frost


In the cloud gray mornings 
I heard the herons Flying 
And when I came into my garden, 
My silken outer-garment 
Trailed over withered leaves. 
A dried leaf crumbles at a touch, 
But I have seen many Autumns 
With herons blowing like smoke 
Across the sky. 

Amy Lowell 


For those of you who know me, even a bit, you know my prior couple of days contained more mayhem than usual. More is to come. Changes on the horizon.

Hoary Frost

For now it is morning.
The frost sugars the grass and leaves.
Winter birds call to each other
and my little girl sings,
entertains herself with nonsense
that makes perfect sense to her.
Videogames punch and groan in the next room,
and a crayon scratches across paper,
across a plastic table’s roughed surface.

It is a November morning
like any November Saturday
that has ever come.
A little late and bright,
but early stillness reigns.
My warm coffee to my mouth,
traffic rolling by the big road
beyond the barer trees,
and my house reluctant
to remove the covers of sleep.


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4 thoughts on “hoary frost

  1. I love this. We have a grandson with autism, and we can relate to the lines:
    my little girl sings,
    entertains herself with nonsense
    that makes perfect sense to her.

    I’m not sure that you mean the lines in that way. Probably not, but it reminded us of our grandson.

  2. I am glad it spoke to you like that. my 3yo doesn’t have autism, but has an active imagination. my 13yo does have autism. he was the one in the other room playing videogames…

    I wish your family all the best on your journey in autism. it is a tough road, but the joys and surprises along the way are worth the harder stuff.

    thank you for stopping by, thomas.

  3. Hoping things aren’t so mayhem-ic (there really should be an adjective form for that noun!) by now!

  4. not yet! lol kind of amped up over the weekend. and here comes hosting Thanksgiving, and Capt. Comic had a nosr bleed in the middle of the night and didn’t want to go to school today….


    when toots graduates high school in 2026….

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