musings in mayhem

writer, mom, tutor, superwoman

mind of a 3 year old

Toots: Grandma, why did you thwow my dvd in the garbage?

Grandma: I didn’t throw your dvd in the garbage.

Mom: I did. Remember?  It is all scratched and doesn’t work. And we can watch Busytown Mysteries on Netflix.

Toots: But I wannoo keep it.

(hugs the disc tightly in her little arms to her chest, as if she is in love with it)

Mom: But it’s broken. It’s not useful anymore.

Toots: I can fix it.  I can make it yewsfuw. Wiff paint.

Mom: You’re going to paint the dvd?

Toots: Yep, wike Super[Toots]. SUPER[TOOTS] – TO DA WESCUUUUUUE!



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