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Mr. Cynic had a very busy weekend. It included District Chorus volunteering on Friday, District Chorus Audition on Saturday and Saturday night, his junior year formal, The Ring Dance.

We didn’t have a ring dance when I grew up. The fall or winter dance my junior year was called LaSallette and was a girl asks  guy dance. I asked a friend. I dated a lot in high school, but that was one time I wasn’t. I knew the guy from taking cotillion classes during junior high, and he had just transferred to the public school after going to private school most of his life, I think. He was cute, and the kind of guy everyone likes. I asked him at the first opportunity. We remained friends after, and that was fine by both of us, I think. Although, he is one of the three guys my mother still sees around and occasionally will call and say, “You’ll never guess who I saw at [insert grocery, etc location here]! You should have married him.” She’s funny like that.

He was a good guy. We’re friends on facebook now. He has a beautiful family, and hey, so do I. Funny how this crazy old world works, huh? I don’t think the thought of marriage ever crossed our sixteen year old minds.

But this post isn’t about me. 🙂

When your kid goes to a formal, trips down Memory Lane are inevitable.

I actually got Mr. Cynic to smile, and show his teeth by acting like a lovey-dovey mom goofball. Not that I am or anything.

Stop laughing.

I can still hear you.

Mr. Cynic and one of the first people he met when we moved down here decided to split a ticket. There may have been a little mom-prompting behind their decision, but they probably would have anyway. They’ve been good friends for a long time now.

She took her shoes off for the pictures. And scrunched a little, too. She is taller than a lot of guys in their class, and Mr. Cynic is my little pipsqueak, cursed with a double dose of short genes. She has such a great smile and attitude. I promise you’ll see big things from her later in life. I’m not kidding.
A bunch of parents were a bit camera crazy when the gang got together at the girl in green’s house. All of the girls glowed and all the guys were slightly awkward, but had fun. We all had an oops moment re: the boutonnieres and corsages. Sequin dress was the only one who got one for her boyfriend, one of my son’s best buddies. The girls were all like, “Oh we don’t care about that anyway.”

See? awkward but fun in their pinstripes:

I had a busy weekend, too, the main focus of which was to yank out a bunch of overcrowded cat-pee smelling boxwoods to finally make room for the new smaller flowering bushes I bought a while back. We didn’t  get everything out of the ground, and there is a bit of compromising going on, so I’m not entirely sure how the new ones are going to fit at this point. We’re planning a small patio area by the front door to put in a decorative bench or swing. Not entirely certain how it will all come together just yet, but we’re getting there.

I couldn’t have done it without Honey. Toots ‘helped’ by digging holes all over the lawn with a trowel and staying out of traffic rather than taking her nap.

This morning, the light on the little crepe myrtle I planted when we moved in was gorgeous. It looked very coppery. I need a better camera to really do it justice. Didn’t quite catch that flickering in the sun look about it.
I hope your weekend was packed with fun and productivity like mine, or super relaxing. Whatever floats your boat. Maybe you were floating in a boat.
I do hope it showed you just how grand life is, regardless.  That’s what weekends are for, right?
Update: Mr. Cynic made District Chorus and was ranked 2nd place tenor. He took top honor for his school’s tenors, too. I couldn’t be prouder. 

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