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that’s my kid

Mr. Cynic gets less air time in my blog than the other two, because he is nearly grown and doing his own things. I try not to embarrass him too much.

He borrowed a better camera from a friend and has started to upload his music to youtube.

He has many more songs coming, but this is the first one he wrote. I swear each is better than the previous.

Introducing the latest songwriter to come out of this corner of Virginia and my womb.

See what I mean about trying not to embarrass him too much? That line will kill him.

PS: He recorded this from his brother Captain Comic’s bunk, hence the pug calendar.


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4 thoughts on “that’s my kid

  1. I’m so glad to see more from Captain Comic-he’s very talented and yes, you’re terribly embarrassing (you’re a mom afterall-it’s natural). I hope he gets a lot of positive and constructive comments on Youtube-people can be so nasty when they are anonymous on the internet.

    • Thanks, carmen, this one’s mr. cynic, though. i know, hard to keep tabs. 🙂

      if any one is mean i’ll have to come after them with a big stick, er, i mean, speak with him about how to let the a-h’s roll off his back.

  2. do i get to say “i know kenny’s mom” when he’s famous?

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