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This jack o’ lantern  started as this design by Captain Comic.  I love that he drew it in three quarter profile.


This fairy was very excited to go trick or treating. This scarer terrified one of his friends who ran screaming away as he removed the mask and called after her, “Don’t worry! It’s only me!”

Toots was Miss Independent on the trick or treat rounds, “Ok, yet’s go to anuver peepo’s house!”
“I can walk in the da stweet aw by mysef. You don’ need to hode my hand.”
One man opened the door before she could ring the doorbell. She made him go back in because she had to ring the doorbell. He complied, slightly frightened.
Another man declared, “Oh my god, she’s so beautiful! Here, you can take anything you want!” He proceeded to give her handful after handful of candy. I feel bad for any kids  that came after us. The neighborhood grandmas cooed over her, too.
The littlest fairy was very brave at the spookier gimmicky houses. We have some neighbors who really know how to do Halloween right.
Saturday night, I had some fun as a Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skull. A handful of us moms of asperger’s syndrome kids (and other special needs) had some good laughs.
I hope your Halloween was as fun as ours.
 I’d like to wish my little rescued dog Lucy a happy 6th birthday today! And happy November to you.
Time for me to get back in the editor’s chair and open my manuscript!

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4 thoughts on “spooks

  1. I found you blog through The Pioneer Woman. Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween. Thanks for sharing. I recently set my blog up through WordPress. I see that you just moved over to WordPress. Wishing you every success as you transfer blog platform – I have heard it can be quite a project.

  2. thanks for stopping by! we had loads of fun for halloween.

    thanks for the well wishes, i’m getting used to it, i have blogged with a group blog on wordpress before. 🙂

  3. i looooove that mask of yours!

  4. thanks, aimee!

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