musings in mayhem

writer, mom, tutor, superwoman



I am up before dawn to send one

son off to middle school.

The first crept out the door

to high school in the dark.

This one talks too much,

too much enthusiasm before

I have poured my coffee.

With a reminder, he stops, briefly,

Oh, right.

He complies with order to brush his teeth.

Then he slams the front door,

no goodbye.

I pull back the curtains

to pink golden light

yawning the dawn

upon burnished beech leaves.

The tree glows brighter, more golden.

My honey creaks down the stairs

slowly, a two hundred pound cat

reluctantly stalks the day.

He rumbles,

She doesn’t want me to wake her,

she only wants mommy today.

She is usually daddy’s girl.

When he is home from work,

he is her heart.

But for the past day,

she has been stuck to me:

a monkey baby, koala,

a litter of opossum grown too big

for marsupial carry.

She clings, she cuddles, she coos

I yuv you, mommy.

I ascend, I go in.

She smiles sleepily,

a smile that says, I won.

And with barely a glance,

she rises, scoots right by me.

I open her curtains,

and the beech tree glows deeper.

The dawn is almost complete.       .

Look, isn’t the yellow tree beautiful

in the sunrise?

Her tip-tip sleepy steps change

direction on the carpet.

She slips in front of me and presses

her forehead to the window.

She sucks her fingers rhythmically.

With a nod against the glass,

she agrees.

This is the moment.

This is how we love.

I hope she remembers.


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