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mayhem morning

This morning I intended to edit while Toots went out with Grandma.

I woke up still having trouble from an allergy attack I had a couple of weeks ago (newly painted bathroom cabinet, latex allergy, didn’t air it out enough before we hung it back up), and took yet another couple of spritzes of albuterol. Probably still troubling me due to sleep deprivation from the past four nights, because Lucy has been barking and escaping from her crate. She’s going through a lonely phase and wants to sleep with us. We need to break her of this. She goes through this periodically, and we have to re-crate train her.

The boys got off to school without a hitch. I had my coffee.

Then I heard Toots scream from downstairs as I got in the shower. I figured Honey and Grandma were down there with her and whatever it was, they could handle it.

She was still crying when I got out of the shower. And after I got dressed.

When I came downstairs I got the story of her palm meeting the hot toaster. I have been through this with Mr. Cynic and Captain Comic at around the same age involving stove burners and campfires, so I wasn’t too worried. My kids like to learn the hard way. Honey had already gotten her to laugh a couple of times by tickling her wounds with a piece of the aloe plant. But she was still hurting and upset.

I finally got a look at them, and it was a hard call until I mentioned calling the pediatrician, and then she was ready to go to the doctor wight now!

But it was another hour before her appointment during which, she finally calmed down.

And then she didn’t want to go. So I bribed her with a blueberry muffin at a cafe if she would go nicely.

We walked out the door to 20 degree colder weather than yesterday and a hardy breeze, and she didn’t want to wear her jacket, so I had it in my hand, as the locked door clicked into place, and I realized my keys were not hooked to my purse.

Eventually she did put her jacket on. In the meantime I tried calling Honey, and he didn’t answer his cell, so I called his office, and his manager got on the line to tell me he was up the road in Williamsburg on a business errand. He eventually got him on his cell. Honey was just moments from home when he called me back as I was on the phone with the pediatrician’s office to let them know what was going on.

But by that time, we had let our runner dog out of the fence in an attempt to break in through the garage doggie door that I could only squeeze my head and one shoulder through. I had Toots crawl through and climb up on a pile of firewood to unlock the deadbolt, thinking the whole time I would be bringing her to the pediatrician with more wounds from this, like a cracked noggin on the concrete floor. She managed to jiggle the lock, but couldn’t turn it all the way to click open.

Toots started to get tired of the wind in her face and hair after we gave up that failed solution. So we got in Bertha, the van. Lucy was still running all over the neighborhood and marking everyone’s yards. I think she tired of her escapades, and when I called her from the van, she came bolting into it and joined us.

Then Honey drove up, unlocked the front door, I dropped the dog in the house, grabbed my keys, and we made it to the appointment only a few minutes late, but we still had to wait for the doctor, because, and this is why we like him, he is very thorough with each patient and lots of fun, too, so all of his appointments run long.

She was good for him, and he joked about not giving Honey and Grandma too hard a time about the incident. I assured him I only brought them up becasue I wasn’t there to witness how it actually happened. Then Toots was ready to go out for a blueberry muffin.

We drove to the closest cafe, Aroma’s in City Center, Newport News, and they were out of blueberry, but they had cranberry nut, with walnuts, so we split one and sat at a table where we could see the fountains.

The wind was kicking the water spray to the side of the spouts and with the bright October sun, we saw rainbows in the mist.

Even though it was a rough start to the day, spending time in a cafe with peppermint tea and my Toots happily looking for rainbows was a great way to spend some of it, once we were assured she wasn’t hurt too badly and we had a prescription  for burn cream in hand.


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4 thoughts on “mayhem morning

  1. Look up at the sky, it is always wise and inviting. It will pull you back to what is really the essence of life, the unchanging modality of life.

  2. exactly, lala! very well said. thanks for stopping by!

  3. The day just never seems to go as planned, does it? Sometimes it’s a headache, and sometimes it’s what makes life fun.

  4. thanks, lisa, it is good to focus on the adventure of it.

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