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oh yea, writing

Yesterday, Tuesday, is my usual writing day. Toots goes to preschool, I go to my writing group twice per month or the library on other Tuesdays. Grandma picks Toots up from preschool, so that I can go into the afternoon to have a good run of editing before the boys start coming home from school.  I thought I could edit at home yesterday, between a bunch of phone calls and sundry things. Of course, I couldn’t focus on the manuscript to even take my edit copies out of their bag, let alone open the document. 

I decided earlier in the week that I would write on Wednesday, but yet again, I can’t get out of the house to do so as Toots is home, and Grandma will be in and out because of appointments. Usually I can grab a Wednesday morning of child care from her, because Wednesdays are the day she typically stays home. 
I had a great breakthrough in the edits last week, and writing became fun again. It hasn’t been fun for this whole ‘final draft’ process. I still love my story and characters and everything, but I am very ready to jump back into my imagination and start something new, so I am not very pleased about going over the material I’ve been working on for eons yet again. But last week, my muse blessed me, and I loved it. 
I am hoping I will manage to at least do some more typing into the new document between laundry loads  (I’ve been bad this week re: laundry, and the boys have been begging for socks, underwear and jeans for a few nights now, even though there are three clean, unfolded baskets in my room from the past couple of weeks) while Toots is watching various selections from Netflix streaming. “Mommy, I want Yeyyow Kipper!” “Mommy I want Yeyyow Byues Cues!”
But even as I am typing this somewhat of a get it out of my system post, I have miss squirmy worm wiggling on my lap trying desperately, and cutely, to get my attention, and I am thinking that I need to switch laundry loads, and I still need to fold those three old baskets upstairs, and the rain just stopped and I should go at least start some seedlings in a pot until I can can have Honey’s help to move that raised bed to the sunny side of the yard, and this is why I leave the house to write. 
Ugh. But I am determined to take those critiqued copies out of my bag. After all, I cleaned off my desk yesterday, and now they’ll fit. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “oh yea, writing

  1. Mentioning the "laundry" grounds this whole post in Reality. (Note the Capital R.) It is amazing to consider the differences that time has exacted upon us—whimsical youth strolling through Boston and environs while contemplating Art versus the responsible (note the lower case r) adults who still yearn for our muse.Which is more mayhem–the writing or the reality?

  2. Funny when you put it that way, H.B.! Although for all the contemplation of Art, we were still chasing our muses with a butterfly net down Comm Ave. 🙂

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