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my kingdom for a cookie

While making cookies today:

Captain Comic: Isn’t the United Kingdom the same as Great Britain?
Mom: Yes it is.
Capt. Comic: But why do they call it the United Kingdom. That sounds so medieval!
Mom: Because the Feudal System was in rule in the Medieval Age and during that time, they United the Kingdoms of the British Isles.
Capt. Comic: Oh. But why do they still call it that?
Mom: Well, they do still have a Queen in England.
Capt. Comic: Yea, but she probably has a laptop!

Addendum: Perhaps I should have clarified that when he piped in with the laptop comment, I could totally see him picturing her sitting on a throne with crown and a red robe a la the Cowardly Lion typing away….


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4 thoughts on “my kingdom for a cookie

  1. I'm not sure she does!

  2. funny comment coming from dublin!

  3. I can't imagine QE2 with a laptop…

  4. he has funny ideas, right?

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