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The sun came out. Briefly is the rumor. But, I found these in the front patch this morning:

Miss Peony is making a comeback. I bet hers will be better than Britney Spears’s.

Japanese maple.

Juniper berries.  Time to make some gin?

These are currently taking over the lawn. 
 I think they’re a type of chammomile?  
Please correct me or confirm if you know. Thanks.  
This morning I thought I would try to write at home amid laundry,etc. which never goes very well.  But then this unfamiliar bright light blinded me on the drive to drop Toots off at preschool.  Slowly it dawned on me that it was neither overcast nor raining. Time to garden!  or at least weed, and weed, and weed some more.  and now that it is officially over 40F, as of 10:14am, I should really get out there. And I want to, too. 


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2 thoughts on “sproing

  1. oh Spring just makes all the difference. I am a different woman with a bit of sun on my face! I love it too when the colour starts peeping into the garden, a new start. Please don't go to the bother of the cookies – the thought was more than enough and I know how writing and children take all our time!

  2. thanks, i finally got the dough made without a mistake (familus interruptus as i spooned in flour) oh well, we'll enjoy, and i was happy to read of your holiday! you may find another piece of sunshine arrive one day.

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