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brotherly love

Mom: … please clean your room, decide what you want to keep [etc] so we can move you into [Mr. Cynic’s] room next weekend. We’ll try to make a partition asap.

Captain Comic: How ’bout an electric fence?

Mind you, the boys shared a room for the first seven years of Captain Comic’s life, and I just convinced Mr. Cynic to accept the return to prior format. That took a lot of work.

Toots is going to be in Honey’s and my room forever, isn’t she?


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4 thoughts on “brotherly love

  1. Kids say the funniest things don't they? Why do we stop being so funny when we get older??

  2. oh, i think its just a matter of perspective. 🙂 i still come out with some doozies, as do plenty of people i know.

  3. love your new banner! I'm not sure I remember what your book is about? if it's a children's book, is it also being illustrated too? I don't really know how that works?

  4. hi christine! yes it's a children's novel, so it may have chapter heading sketches.

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