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homework whoas

So, I go to check Captain Comic’s agenda and homework and find this:

Oh the woes of the sixth grader.


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4 thoughts on “homework whoas

  1. oh that's lovely! Bless him.

  2. lol! everyday, alana!

  3. Can't work out how to email you in private so posting this – Alana Kirk-Gillham is my name. But please don;t feel you have to – the thought is enough… and you have inspired me so I'm in the middle of making some Valentine cupcakes for my next door neighbour who's husband died a few months ago…. so thank you.

  4. oh, i know, we're both privacy lovers. so I did know that was your last name, but it slipped my mind this am. i am happy to do something, and i am even happier that it inspired you to send something to someone else.

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