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list it tuesday: writers

Can you guess what is on my mind?
Addendum: I forgot to mention , if you click on the colorful block that says List it Tuesday  in my right margin, you can see many more fascinating lists throughout the blogosphere, starting with Aimee’s and then read through her comments to find the others.

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11 thoughts on “list it tuesday: writers

  1. Hmmmmm …. :)My list is up now … can't wait for U2 see it ! tee hee

  2. writers' retreat? do they have those? if not, they should. ah, writing and retreating! fabulous!

  3. love lists. i have lists for my lists… good to read you again….

  4. happy to see you, 'out and about', alana.writing retreat is annual with this group, and with a surrounding water view in the outer banks! last year was my first.

  5. I love the lettering on January!!! I hope you have a truly wonderful retreat.

  6. thanks, liberty!

  7. Get your writing groove on I say! I really hope your retreat ends up being a powerful experience (as they almost always by definition are) and you find yourself refreshed and ready to take on the world!

  8. thank you, carmen!

  9. the retreat sounds fabulous! lucky you!

  10. oh this sounds so good! what a good way to start a new year!

  11. thank you q&t and aimee! it is a great way to start the year!

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