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list it tuesday: numbers

On the side of my monitor remains the Post-it list of photos I uploaded for my blog the other day about our hike on the Noland Trail.

Notice how I start the list at about halfway through, then return to the beginning?  I also apparently changed my mind from 11 to 12.

I seem incapable of doing anything in a less than cockeyed manner.  Then again, I wouldn’t be me if I did otherwise, right?

Go check out aimee’s post in artsyville to see more lists from around the interwebz. It’s fun, and some people are much more artistically adventurous with their lists than I am.


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17 thoughts on “list it tuesday: numbers

  1. i love raw and functional lists like this one… what fun it would have been to leave out the story and have us guess what the numbers meant!!

  2. It's like a secret code….

  3. see, aimee? now that's why your doodles are so extraordinary! you excel at thinking outside the box!

  4. I do the same thing !!!My List is IS UP NOW too.

  5. fun, karen! bonnie, it's nice to know i am not alone in my cockeyedness…lol!

  6. I always run out of room too. Mainly at work… I've noticed that the post-it notes are the only ones that stick and stay on my computer screen. Well, not Right on the Screen… {:-Deb

  7. I'm one of those gals that changes her mind ALL THE TIME!! Cute post it, hope you got everything uploaded 😀

  8. um, yea, there's a reason why the desk is not included in the shot…thanks for stopping by, deb!

  9. thanks, eden! i did.

  10. i do the same thing. i go through them all, then start over, hunt and peck, and end up somewhere in the middle's like your own special code!:)i'm listing too.

  11. hah, thanks, s.e.!

  12. I love this! 🙂 It's so honest and strong. A list with high self esteem :-)Completely crazy about your "About Me". Made me smile wide :-))I'm glad I found your blog.

  13. thanks, christine! I am happy to have met you in the interwebz, too!

  14. Yeah, I love that yours is just a post-it with numbers. I've got piles of weird little miscellaneous stuff written on those puppies all over my desk at work and stuffed into my purse that I rarely can remember their original intent. I usually end of throwing them away after staring at them for a few weeks and realize the next day I so needed that random information!

  15. so your post-its are like my saved receipts….lol!

  16. Just had to pop over, visit, and say "thanks" for commenting on my book addiction list post! I just read your 'about me'- your life IS mayhem! I love that you're a "cheating vegetarian"- made me laugh!

  17. thank you, too, nicole! i didn't cheat on my veggie-ness for a couple of decades, but i do now…

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