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for those about to rock: weekword

Maria of  Simply Cool Stuff is hosting Weekword this week and has selected ROCK for the prompt. 

So many ways to think about this.  I am an Earth sign, Capricorn.  I am a mountain goat who loves to collect rocks, mostly water worn.

My messy desk with stones that I collected from some waterway or another, Pemaquid Point in Maine, maybe York River Beach. Lava someone brought me from Iceland, and plenty of dust.  I keep the lava rocks on my desk to fuel the creative fire.  I keep the waterstones for my words to flow.

River rocks that Honey and I had as table decor for centerpieces on our wedding guest tables.  They now reside on my windowsill, with plenty of dust, and there is a vase of them on top of my bookshelf.
Funny this came up as the weekword.  Just last week, Honey said, “I don’t get the rocks all over the house.” 
I just reminded him the rocks and shells and driftwood were all over my place when we met.  He married me anyway, and therefore married them, too. 
I think rather than go into rocknroll, or rock the boat or foundation of life or musings on the earth, I’ll just keep it simple this week.  I love rocks and that is all. 


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14 thoughts on “for those about to rock: weekword

  1. Good morning, Cath. Before I head out to set stones with my landscaper, I wanted to comment on your post. Felt like your home is like my home; the more 'naturals' gracing its innards, the better! So nicely written as well.Would like to host WeekWord next week?

  2. thank you, maria! kind of a crazy week for me (as for many), but i'll give it a try i guess. is there a particular day to post the weekword prompt?

  3. Hi Cath. I would say you could post it by Monday. However, should you rather not, I just received an e-mail from Carmen ( who really wants to host this coming week. Perhaps you could defer and maybe do WeekWord the week following Thanksgiving. (That would give you much more time to think of a good one). I could contact Carmen once I hear back from you; contact me directly by e-mail. And, Happy Turkey Day!

  4. if carmen is more excited about it, i would be happy to hand it to her for next week. thank you for coodinating!

  5. coordinating, that is. and happy thanksgiving to you, too!

  6. Lava rocks and waterstones are the key, eh? Will have to keep an eye out for those on our next excursion.

  7. hi! i wouldn't necessarily say they work (look at my nanowrimo count, for instance) but that's the idea!

  8. my rocks are shells. i have jars and jars of them all over the house, and i get the same question from DH when we are on the beach and i am still picking up shells. i simply cannot resist. if i am on a beach, i am looking for shells. that's what i do. and they don't even have to be perfect shells. i've often found perfect beauty in perfectly broken shells. kind of a good metaphor for us all, i think. 🙂

  9. i have even more shells than i do rocks! another twin moment, kelly 😉 i cannot go near water and leave without a shell or fragment!

  10. I love lava rocks as well – and all kinds of rocks actually, especially those I find on the beach. They are either in big jars or in front of my books in the shelves, collecting dust…

  11. I really am digging the "keeping it simple" motto this week-I've been a little too introspective lately and needed to just enjoy your cool rock collection just as it is 🙂

  12. aw, thanks, carola and carmen!i've been having a tough week, and over thinking emotions, too. i think that's why i went the simplistic route with this post.

  13. simple ROCKS!It appears this week's word is certainly bringing a lot of introspective feelings from all the bloggers… BTW – I feel like reaching out & touching your smooth, shiny river rocks on the window ledge. Rocks nurture our spirits!Have a great weekend… be kind to yourself.

  14. thanks, christine! and thanks for the be kind to yourself, too.

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