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list it tuesday

I really should have been nanoing instead.  last week I had practically no progress in my word count. Busy Busy Busy week. I am not made for nano in the way that I live and write, edit, write, edit, thinkthinkthink, need a Pooh spot, have Captain Comic and Toots and dog and cat and Mr. Cynic, and everyone and thing else to distract me which is also why it’s good that I am attempting nanowrimo, just so when I CAN sit my butt in the chair and type and think and have quiet, and inspiration all at once…..I will actually write.
Still more than I am doing in my original manuscript edits….
btw, List it Tuesday is a prompt from Aimee at artsyville.  It’s fun, please join!

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12 thoughts on “list it tuesday

  1. I love your monkey business list. I call them "demons" and keep a running list (started it here). Must add "general mayhem."

  2. aahhhh….jacqui, you just made me feel much better! thanks!

  3. HEY! i have an idea – write your whole nano in a list!! monkey business in mayhem! who says it has to be a linear progression of thoughts? bullet point the entire thing!

  4. I'm thinking your lists, your blog posts, all of that and anything else you write should be fair game on nano! Love the artwork on your list. Sharon

  5. love'n' the mayhem!! …and hugs and yuv yooos are such delightful distractions.adore your monkey sketch!

  6. nice ideas, everyone! thanks for stopping by!

  7. opheliarising on said:

    Cathy, I've pretty much given up on NaNo…too much is going on, and I just don't have the time or energy to pursue it. I think I'll try to see how much of it I can get done, but I fear it'll be a no-win for me, this year. I SO understand the mayhem. :Pxoxo

  8. i never thought it would be a win for me this year. i am still trying to use it to get my butt in the chair and write, which was my goal all along, even if averaging about 3-500words a day. yesterday was nil because i had a big thing on my mind. couldn't write at all.

  9. Wow you are writing a novel! That is fantastic. Hope you are feeling better, I've got the sniffles too and it is so hard to feel any motivations (and I only have a dog to take care of!)

  10. thanks, amanda! swing by anytime to see progress on my various writing projects…

  11. Love your Mayhem list Cath….Yep, absolutely a drag to be sick!!! Hope all are better now 😀

  12. thank you, eden, i am feeling better.

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