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list it tuesday

For those who don’t know, this is a listmaker’s artistic prompt.  Aimee of artsyville got me considering it as well as reminded me I had something perfect for it in the post I made after a hairpulling moment I had last night. So here is a repeat:

10 minutes before dinner

1 phone call from an old Massachusetts friend to discuss latest episode in a continuing saga
1 screaming toddler
2 fighting brothers
2 banishments to their rooms
1 barking dog
1 rescue of toddler from spazzing dog who wants to play
1 way to find out she was running around screaming because she needed to pee
1 result of peeing on my hip.
0 toilet paper left in the downstairs bathroom
1 spouse late coming home from work

Believe me, I only captured about half of the mayhem….maybe I should doodle it instead?  Nah…something will erupt if I try, i just know it!


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22 thoughts on “list it tuesday

  1. It's a great list-totally made me laugh!

  2. thanks, biomouse! it made me laugh as it happened, of course, the laughter may have landed me in the looneybin if anyone outside the house heard me…

  3. This is hilarious – I could totally picture this mayhem in my mind! I was exhausted just reading it!!

  4. thanks, pointy pix!

  5. You made me laugh all over again… now I want to know what happened in the other half of the mayhem!

  6. lol! thanks, aimee…but it's just too much to tell. something to do with battles for hugs, whose gym shirt is that anyway, dang the pits stink, take that thing off right now and throw it in the wash, the dog biting the socks of toots's feet as she was peeing on my hip and screaming in my ear…;)

  7. Oooh, I remember days like this! They seem to last forever, but when you look back, those times are gone too soon….

  8. Hehe, fun list but somehow I don't envy you right now. I hope they go to bed early and let you sit and sip some tea soon! 🙂

  9. thanks for stopping by, karen m! and you're right, that is so true.

  10. thanks iHanna!

  11. Can us Mamas go one week without getting peed on?Glad to see you survived the mayhem!

  12. lol! thanks for the commizz, drama mama!

  13. Oh, reading this just makes me makes my heart beat up in my neck…the anxiety!!!

  14. oh no! breathe, lynn, breathe! and please stop by when i don't have quite that much mayhem.

  15. Thanks for the laugh and the memories of times gone by — far too quickly. "Enjoy" the mayhem while you can! I know, it's hard to do while in the middle of it. Hugs, Sharon

  16. thank you, sharon!

  17. This is absolutely hysterical cath. Although it brings back those memories that were NOT funny at the time. It just goes to show you that life goes on, and on, and on. Oh, lest I forget to add, how very important it is to retain that sense of humor through it all! As I read the list, a cute little childrens book comes to mind; something set to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" jingle. Are there 12 'moments'? I'm sure you could come up with a couple more! Thanks for the from the soul laugh!

  18. thank you, maria! i'm sure i can come up with a 1000 moments! and thanks for stopping by.

  19. wow. i am sitting here trying to picture it all. toddler screaming, the dog, the boys, toddler making i've gotta pee face, toddler peeing on mom, dinner bubbling over in the background, the garage door opening…you've created quite a detailed scene here. you should start a novel this way.:)

  20. wow, thanks, s. e. – and some day i just may…but right now i just juggle it all. lol

  21. Omg! This was hilarious though I'm sure not for you!Though I don't know your in person I can picture you running around like a scence in a movie as all these events happened. I loved your list 🙂

  22. thanks, paper squid!

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