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Yesterday, my writing group met.  I had not opened my manuscript since the session I went to about month ago.  I kind of feared where I was in it and was pleasantly surprised that I was at page 93 in my purple line edits. I won’t use a red pen – looks too much like violent spilt blood.

The significance of being at page 93, is that I was much farther along than I thought I was, and being a middle reader novel, I was darn close to the end. So guess what?

Yesterday, I finished my purple line edits.

Now to go into the document to make the changes official from the purple scribbles. Toward the end, my purple pen ran out of ink, so the end edits are in black, which is what I had in my purse. 

Anyway, I feel good about the book, still.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read it since I started it back at the dawn of time.  At this point, the changes I was having trouble believing in, make better sense to me. The bottom line is I still cried while reading the end. My main character’s growth is evident. 

And I love him.  He has been growing up alongside my boys, as if he is one of them himself.  Mr. Cynic was a year or so younger than him when I started, and is now in entering the halfway point of high school.  Captain Comic was in preschool when I first wrote the twelve year old into existence, and now he turns the age of my character in a bit over a week from now.

So, from here on out, I want to try to see if I can pick my way through the manuscript document, inserting the scribbles by day,  instead of waiting for my writing group to meet in silence and commitment to writing.  I am hoping that transferring the changes won’t take as much concentration as the purple lining did.  I hope I can do it while my menagerie runs around the house.

Draft Two, (er 5,010) complete. Phew – kind of.


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