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floor guys, day 2

It was supposed to be done in a day.  Yesterday.

We’re on Day Two, Crew Two.  Yesterday was carpet removal day for our living room/ dining room.  We ordered pizza last night.  house is in disarray, and we don’t have an eat-in kitchen, so we ate our pizza out on the over one hundred degree heat index deck.  It had cooled of a bit by evening, but still muggy as a summer day is long.

Today, the wood laminate floor is being installed.  The dog is being contained and does not like this, especially since she has to bark at the floor guys until she gets a good sniff – up close and personal like.  And with the walls stripped of paintings and the concrete slab foundation exposed, her sharp little loud bark echoes.  Owie. 

I’m also not feeling so great today.  Toots seemed to have a bit of a stomach bug the other day, but we weren’t sure it wasn’t just something she ate.  Now I can confirm it was a little bug.  With the heat and humidity and minor stomach yuck, I’m feeling blechy.

Fun, fun, fun.  Aren’t you glad I shared? 

But the floor guys assure us the job will be finished today and we should be able to almost get our house in some semblance of order by the time our cousins arrive with their nearly four year old Little M and Baby G.  I can’t wait to meet Baby G tomorrow! 


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