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fun prompt: weekword

I’m a new convert to the weekly prompt project that Aimee at artsyville seems to have generated.

Every Monday, she posts winners and who is hosting the prompt among the participants from the previous week.  The blogger posts a word to inspire for the week, then other creative bloggers post on their blogs their own endeavors from the prompt on the following Friday.

At least that’s my understanding of how it works.  I hope I’m right. This is my real first go at it.  Last week, Aimee had posted her prompt ‘flavor’ when I had just posted the perfect shot of Toots eating watermelon on the 4th which happened to fit the prompt well. 

Peggy Fussell is this week’s host and her Weekword is Number.  Here’s my response, a haiku and photo pairing:

home isn’t only
a number to calculate
location, but heart

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13 thoughts on “fun prompt: weekword

  1. Indeed! Thank you for the happy thought to begin the day.

  2. Hey there! I just discovered your blog today by chance and I am so glad that I did! It is great and I like the way you write. Anyway – just wanted to let you know. Have a great weekend!

  3. thank you, both, and welcome!

  4. Ah-ha! I like your number-prompt response… but I especially love your "weekword" explanatory lead-in (what it is & how it came about). I don't know any other artists connected with it, only Peggy. I just emailed her for more info. today, as this was my first crack at it also. You've just answered my questions by proxy, thank you!

  5. thanks, henniemavis! i'm not entirely sure i am correct about weekword's origins or how it works.

  6. i really like your response. home IS heart. i've never really associated my house/apartment number with such a fond sentiment. it has always been JUST a number…now i want to try and remember all of the numbers i've lived.

  7. oh good! glad to 'prompt' you to do so! (i couldn't resist.)

  8. my favorite place is HOME! it's a "feel-good" place to escape to at the end of the day. I love your address – EVEN numbers make me feel good! I wrinkle my nose at ODD numbers!

  9. hahaa\ha! thanks, christine, e-e

  10. Oh, I love this! Great photo. And I'll keep your words tucked away. Glad to have found you via weekWORD. Love your "About Me." Made me smile… especially the "cheating vegetarian." Ha! Blessings, B.

  11. thanks, b! it's nice to meet you, too!

  12. it wasn't me! fruenswerk was the mother of weekword, but we seem to have lost her – i need to get over to denmark and bother her about that. we just take turns passing around the prompt – i was the word finder last week, peggy was the finder this week, and next week she'll pass it on to someone else. love your interpretation of number – the coordinates of your heart and home!

  13. oh good! thanks, aimee, for the correction! and thanks re: 'coordinates of heart and home'

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