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Two years old

Conversation with Toots as I made my breakfast long after everyone else:

Toots, points to the glass storage jar full of oats:  Whas dat?

Honey and Me overlapping: That’s Oatmeal.

Toots:  Oh!  Oprahmeal!

Funny thing is, she is usually napping when Oprah airs, if I even have it on, which I haven’t for a couple of days…


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4 thoughts on “Two years old

  1. Confession: I used to watch Oprah and General Hospital every day sophomore year of high school, over at my friend Liza's house, with a 2 liter bottle of Tab and a bag of frozen fudge covered Oreos.Second confession: I still love Liza, Oreos, and Oprah.

  2. i was just discussing the Ice Princess with someone today!! but i haven't watched GH in 20 odd years – 'round about the Ice Princess. however, i currently often do watch oprah, which i unintentionally admitted above.

  3. no hope in keeping dirty, dark secrets when little kids are around – they'll let the cat out of the bag every time!!

  4. they sure will!

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