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So, of course, last night and this morning, everyone is discussing the finale of Lost.

I don’t have much to say, except to accept the premise from the pilot episode, “We need to stick together, or we will all die alone.”

The rest is great storytelling: archetypal themes from every world religion and philosophy; the story of Jacob and Esau, with Esau’s name never being divulged; battle of good and evil and how easily the lines between are blurred; the nature of war;  break down of most stereotypes, and a great love of character development. And Daddy issues. 

Most of it is told through Jack’s eyes, because he is the primary doubter, and it is his story we are here for.  Only through his final acceptance of the truth of himself, can he move on.

Other than that, everything is open to individual interpretation, which is why we discuss great epic tales since Homer so many centuries later.  Because they matter.  They tell us how to life and die.  They point out our humanity. 

Lost was one of those tales, in a newer form.  And it was told beautifully, kept us guessing, not so much in the WTF? department as in the how will this resolve department.  That is what great storytelling is all about. 

The polar bear was a red herring all along.


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