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This morning I found a big fat chrysalis hanging from a birch branch on the big birch tree out front.  I suspect it is for some type of Swallowtail butterfly, as we get a lot of those down here where they are the state insect.

A very fitting find as I am about to turn my caterpillar of a middle reader manuscript inside out and transform the interior afterthoughts that run throughout into actual chronological action-packed scenes.  This weekend, while I am away. 

This will be my first Mother’s Day without my kids making me breakfast in bed and so forth.  That in and of itself, is transformative for me. 

And I will be largely locked up in my hotel room making the edits.  Kind of like a chrysalis, too, don’t you think?


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4 thoughts on “chrysalis

  1. good for you – my writing retreat did me the world of good. Love the analagy.

  2. thanks, alana! hope all is well with you! you've been awfully quiet.

  3. have a great trip!

  4. thank you, e!

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