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I love my son S

He is highly quotable. For instance yesterday he approached me for a hug and said:

(looks at me sweetly)

“You smell like daffodils….but only when I hug you…sniff sniff…but by your mouth you smell like snickerdoodles. (sniffs my knee) yep. daffodils.”

Life is good.

Have you heard anything good lately from your kids?


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4 thoughts on “I love my son S

  1. ah… Daisy was so sickn last week she asked if she could go back inside my tummy!

  2. oh, that is sweet! she must have really needed some comfort!

  3. wonderful!!! Yes, life is indeed good. I was told this morning, "Good job, Mommy! You went in the potty!" It's all relative, huh?

  4. lol! well, you did do a good job!

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