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Blackberry Jam

Nothing quite hits the spot like blackberry jam on toast.

While I enjoyed the sparkly earthy flavor, I was reminded of when S was between three and six years old, when he demanded to rent a couple of old videotapes of animation collections from our then local video store. Around when he turned seven, they sold off a bunch of the old VHS tapes to make room for the newfangled DVDs and we missed our chance to make those tapes our own. Some lucky person beat us to them.

I’m taking the long way around on this to tell you of one of his former obsessions: Blackberry Subway Jam. He would recite and act out the whole cartoon to anyone after he watched it repeatedly. When I bit into my blackberry toast, this is what came to mind. It really is delightful and wonderfully subversive re: bureaucracy when viewed through the proper lens. Amazing what can be found in children’s tales….


(one of these days i’ll learn how to edit in a video link so you can see it. bear with me til then, please)


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One thought on “Blackberry Jam

  1. anyone on blogger out there that can tell me how to set the post dates correctly? i’d be much obliged! the time seems way off, too, and when i preset a post, it hasn’t posted unless i go in and wipe out the setting.

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